Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a beautiful weekend

My work experience at the USDA continues to be really good. I am still learning and at the same time feel relaxed without any homework or school. I have been learning a lot about the department itself and have gained knowledge about its different branches. I am looking forward to what the next four weeks of work will bring.

What a fun-filled weekend I had. (Finally I put my laundry away in my dresser which has been sitting on the floors for the last couple of days.) I saw a few workers from the job that I have not seen for a while then after that, I went to Deaf Night Out or Deaf Night Live where I met a lot of old faces and caught up with them. I was not expecting to see half of them, but it was good to know that they are in D.C. Of course, most of them love D.C., even one woman who used to be a counselor at a camp I attended was telling me how much she loves D.C. I can see why. I still don’t know where I want to live in the future, however I am keeping my options open.

I went to the Library of Congress on a beautiful Saturday morning, and it was such a beautiful building. I then saw an old friend from a summer camp that I have attended for 8 years. We had a nice lunch and went to the dog park. She has two dogs, and she was also taking care of her friend’s dog, they were all adorable. After that, I went to a baseball game with Matthew Starr, Liz and one of my friends name Brittany, whom was my roommate my year at California State University-Northridge. We all enjoyed watching the Washington Nationals. Thanks to Matt for bringing me to the game along with my friend. Ben’s Chili was absolutely good. It was a cool experience and yet, a beautiful day, as well.

Today, I went to Arlington Cemetery. I went there a while ago and it felt good to go there again. There were perfect rows of stones that each represented an individual who served in the armed services in the war(s) in which America was engaged. We also went to the Diner in Adams Morgan which seems to be a nice neighborhood in which to hang-out. My next goal is to go to the National Zoo sometime soon which I plan on to this weekend.

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