Monday, July 25, 2011

Consistency and Sustainability

When I was a baby I cried for no reason and did things without knowing the major consequences of my actions. In elementary school I was diagnosed with cancer that demanded a lot of attention and financial responsibility. As I continued to grow I went through numerous teenage stages that I know, at times, left me unbearable to be around. However, through all those situations my family never left me. My two best friends stuck by my side. How important is consistency and sustainability in your life? For me, it’s high priority. I take it very seriously because I know there will be times I will be the most annoying unbearable person to be around. Yet, I still need people in my life to help guide me through these phases, as I would for them. We just have to decide as individuals how much we are wiling to tolerate and for who do we raise our tolerance for?

Based off my last blog you know that I have been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster however, my family represents stability and consistency in my life. They have put up with all the things I have put them through, and I have done the same for them because we’re worth it for each other. This past weekend was definitely a fulfilling and exciting time. My family was in town! It was a blessing to see my dad, mom, twin brother and older sister drive all the way from Texas and Kentucky to spend time with me. Texas is home for me, but I was born in Salisbury, Maryland about 3 hours outside of DC. It’s been years since we’ve been back, but being so close we took advantage of the opportunity to visit my old neighborhood. Driving down Salisbury roads I began reminiscing of my childhood memories. Rows and rows of corn, a pond, Ben, Brittany, Kevin, school buses, and 28260 Canterbury came to mind. I saw most of those memories and smiled knowing how they have deeply impacted my life.

We grew up about 45minutes from the ocean if we traveled to Ocean City, Md. I couldn’t wait to jump in and let the waters have me. As a young child I loved absolutely loved the water. However, as I got older and let vanity sink into me as I convinced myself I didn’t like swimming, public pools anything to that nature that gave me an excuse to keep my prosthesis on and scars covered. Yet, I no longer want to live in that fear and anxiety, I want to be free!! I had to start somewhere, so when I went to the ocean I walked with my head held high and my mind in the zone of happiness instead of fear.

People stared hard as I striped more than the clothes off my back but a body part so I could freely jump in the ocean, but I felt okay with their stares. They stared at a type of person they have never seen before, or even if they have because I look different than an average person they are used to. Yet, I can handle their stares because I have parents who look at me with the same love they do their other children. I am strong enough to handle excruciating looks that would cause others to live a life of self doubt because those close to me consistently showed me through their actions they can love and stay with me regardless of my disabilities or any faults I’ve possessed. Now that is not the only reason I’m strong, nor should it be others foundation of strength. It has to be a foundation of spiritual and intrinsic value you gain. However, the point of this blog is to express the difference consistency can make in one’s life. I strive to always be a person who stands by those I love through ups and downs because that’s what true character is. What about you?

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