Sunday, July 17, 2011

NCIL conference by Margie!

This week has been a blur like many previous weeks!
Monday I worked, met with my supervisor, had lunch, worked some more.

Tuesday I worked, had a Spanish speaking lunch with my coworker, worked, and then went to the Orientation session for the National Conference on Independent Living (NCIL). We had an AAPD meet and greet with the new CEO of AAPD Mark Perriello. I was able to see Yoshiko Dart and thank her personally for her generous donation of a NCIL conference scholarship on my behalf.

Wednesday I went to the NCIL conference. Then I went out with my friends from the program Anupa, Crystal and Crystal’s friend Terry.
Thursday, I went to a Senate hearing on Employing People with Disabilities among other interesting aspects of my day.

Friday, I went again to the NCIL conference where we had a fascinating talk about mental health and the independence living movement.
Saturday, I went to a workshop on leadership and power with Jim Dickson, and two of my other fellow AAPD interns, Hamza and Brenda.
Sunday, I stood in line for tickets to go up in the Washington Monument only to discover that the tickets would not be available right away. My friend Krista and I walked back and I got ready to meet with my friend Rachel, who is working at USCID the United States International Council on Disabilities.

A very busy week!! Some highlights of next week:
Monday, having lunch with my wonderful mentor Maggie Roffee who has invited me to a “Divas Dinner” Tuesday night.
Thursday, Office of Personnel Management briefing and Resume Workshop Thursday night.
Friday, lunch with Leah Katz-Hernandez who is the 2011 AAPD Youth in Transitions Fellow.

Lots of fun and helpful things planned for my last three weeks here!!

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  1. The Wikipedia definition of Scholarship:

    A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further education.


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