Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looking Forward Looking Back By Margie

Well, it looks like we have two weeks to go in the internship. I keep reminding myself it is time to start journaling before this is all over…
Things are very hectic here and busy

I have been meeting lots of people through my internship under the Department of Education---Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). Hopefully, these new connections will serve not only as friends but people who can help me along as I start my career.

Today the fellow interns and I are going to the Newseum (a museum dedicated to the study of news) and the Capitol Grille (a fancy restaurant). I am excited!! A big thank you goes to Cheryl Sensenbrenner, the wife of Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin who is treating the AAPD interns.

Yesterday, I listened to a conference call about various projects like Schedule A and internships to hire people with disabilities into the government and private sector. I also met with one of my supervisors at RSA who gave me some excellent feedback on a public policy piece I am working on--- a Technical Assistance Circular.

We had a terrific resume workshop Thursday from people from ODEP Office Office of Disability Employment Policy, and the CEO of AAPD, Mark Perriello.

I do not have much free time but always have interesting things going on and people to hang out with.
Looking forward, we have our Project Director’s Meeting in Crystal City, Virginia the first week of August. The meeting is pretty close. It is in the opposite direction of the Metro than what I am used to travelling to go to work.

I have mixed emotions about the close of this internship. On one hand, it has been an awesome experience and good to get out on my own. On the other hand, I am looking forward to getting my diploma from Illinois Institute of Technology and seeing my family and friends again in Chicago.

But I may be back to DC, who knows?

As someone once told me, “The world is your oyster.” There are many possibilities out there for you—you only have to look and find them.

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