Monday, July 4, 2011

Six- A restful number

Wow, I’m now officially on the other side of my internship. I love it here in DC, and every day, I see some thing new and amazing. My life keeps changing, and thankfully, my back finally wants to cooperate with me. I got to go to the Kennedy Center this week, to see the debut of a Cal alumni as the new assistant conductor for the NSO. I’m also going back to the Kennedy Center this week, to see Wicked for my birthday, July 6th. I’ll be the big one-nine, man, I can hardly believe it. Life changes so quickly, I don’t think I had ever considered that I’d be here in DC, but here I am. Work is going well, though I must saym it’s been a true challenge adjusting to work, but I think I’m finally wrapping my head around the workplace and the responsibilities placed upon me. It was a lot of fun meeting all the Cal alumni down at the Kennedy Center, and post performance. It just goes to show you, wherever a Bear goes, he’s never alone. With the fourth of July coming up, I must say I’m excited to see the fireworks, as I hear there’s no better place than DC. Now that I think about it, I was in New York for the New Year’s ball dropping too, what luck! As far as work goes, I’m working on an In The Driver’s Seat guide, designed to help youth with disabilities in their transition from high school to work, or college, etc.etc. I’m also sitting down for informational interviews with different professionals across the DC area. As someone who has some big career aspirations (Law school , yeah!), but has never really considered them beyond where I want to go to school, I think I’m learning a lot. There is a future beyond my studies, and a long one at that. I was also shocked to have learned just how much ground was laid for us in the past. People with disabilities have gone through so much in the past to make things possible for us as they are today. Things change, and times do too. Cheers to another month in DC, and hopefully my back cooperates enough for me to explore DC.

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