Monday, July 4, 2011

Trials and Tribulations at the Office, A Visit from My Mom, and…THOSE ARE THE BIGGEST, CUTEST, FLUFFIEST BUNNIES I HAVE EVER SEEN! -- by Alec Frazier

My work at the office this week was much of the same as it has already been. The DC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is not a shining jewel of professionalism: we joke, we tell stories, we can occasionally be crass and a little bit on the nose and before we open to the public, the occasional curse word can sometimes be heard. So one can understand how it is difficult to establish boundary between my workplace’s pervasive semi-professionalism and full on non-professionalism.

On Tuesday, one of my coworkers discovered that his Gmail account had been hacked into, which caused him to be a little bit more irritable on Wednesday. On my lunch break, I attempted to play a song for another coworker and when the first coworker told me rather abruptly to turn it off, I made a small scene about how I did not believe that his attitude in general that day had been warranted. This coworker is not my supervisor but he told me to leave for the day and after discussing things with my supervisor and Michael Murray at the AAPD, I realized that he was probably still reacting to his e-mail being hacked, and that I was not being punished. The next day the coworker and I spoke with my supervisor at everything was made right. The coworker even invited me out to dinner and dessert, his treat.

Famous Wally Amos Hugs Mayor Vincent C. Gray

On Friday, Wally Amos, the author, public speaker, literacy advocate, and founder of Famous Amos Cookies held his 75th birthday at the DC Public Library where I work. The mayor was also in attendance, as were some other celebrities…

Alec Frazier Holding Willie, While His Mom Danielle Fuld and Her Friend Karen Zeiders Pet Shakes

Also in attendance were Willie and Shakes, famous therapy bunnies who travel around the district spreading goodwill and cuteness. And let me tell you, these 20-25 pound balls of love do their job. They are very calming. They have even written a book and several columns for a local newspaper, which is very fitting considering that their full names are William and Shakespeare. They are not rabbits. They are not hares. They. Are. Bunnies! That is, if you can find the bunny amidst all of the fluff…

Alec and His Mom Hug at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival

That day, my mom Danielle Fuld and her friend Karen Zeiders had arrived during the Wally Amos festivities and she took me out to lunch after I took her on a tour of my office. That night, I went out to dinner at Carmine’s with Karen, my mom, and my mentor Mat McCullough. The next day, we went to the Smithsonian folk life Festival, the National Gallery of Art, and the National Museum of American History. I love my mom!

I hope you all have a good Independence Day, and take care during your internships to visit the National Archives and Records Administration, where you can see the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

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