Sunday, July 24, 2011

D.C. Almost done!

This past week was very interesting. I started the week off by doing faxes on the balanced budget amendment. There were so many faxes on that particular issue. Later on during the week I went on a capitol tour with my supervisor and a couple of other interns. Then I learned how to sign a bunch of letters with a new signing machine. I also put the letters together in the envelopes.

Saturday was a great day. On Saturday, I got to go to the Newseum off of Pennsylvania Avenue. It was really cool because I got to learn about a whole lot of things that I did not know about over the past 50 years. I did not know that there was a lot of famine going on in Africa and other parts of the World where the government was not helping the people obtain food. I knew there was some poverty but not that it was extreme starvation in some countries. I also got to see funny photos of the Presidents and the different things they did during the time at the White House. I also got to see a video about the September 11, 2001 attacks. That was extremely emotional to see the documentary of what actually happened on that day. Then I got to see more photos of historical things such as the vietnam war and cool photos of the first dogs of the first families. Then I got to eat at the Capitol Grille. It was a great experience. I love that restaurant. Overall, my week went very well.

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