Sunday, July 10, 2011

week seven , Summer is going by fast

This week was very interesting. One of the first things that I got to do this week was see the United States Supreme Court. I thought the Supreme Court was really exciting to visit because I got to learn all about the different ways that the laws are interpreted. I liked how the United States Supreme Court showed you the court room from the distance where the nine justices sit. I also thought it was interesting to learn that former Presidednt Reagan was the president who appointed the first woman justice in 1981. I also got to learn that President William Howard Taft was one of the important people who helped create the United States Supreme Court building. I knew that President Taft was a chief justice on the Supreme Court but did  not know he was involved with creating the United States Supreme Court building. Overall, I learned so many things about the history of the United States Supreme Court while I was visiting it.

Congressman Hoyer's office was really interesting because a lot of the issues dealt with the different kinds of reactions that many americans had about the raising of the debt ceiling and how people felt about cutting social security and medicare. The weekend was fun because on Sunday I got to go back to the National Zoo but this time with a friend. The National Zoo was better than the week or two before because I got to see many more animals than last time I went. The zoo is very large. The zoo is comparable in size to the Cleveland Zoo in my opinion. I think the Cleveland Zoo is similar also because the National Zoo and the Cleveland Zoo are both located in an urban setting. I did not care for the bees though. I thought it was kind of strange to have an exhibit where there were lots of bees swarming around. Luckily I just kept walking past the exhibit which was outdoors. I enjoyed seeing the panda bear. The panda bear was really nice to see because I heard most zoos do not have the panda bear. This is what makes the National Zoo special and unique. Overall, I had a good week and weekend. I had lots to do like I always do.

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