Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 7

Hello everybody!

Due to a short week at work, I had a lot more leisure time than I thought the remainder of the week. My girlfriend and I went out every day, weather permitting. The only thing I am a bit let down about missing was going to Georgetown Cupcakes; the weather ruined that plan for us. I also took the time to take a practice LSAT exam online in order to help me prepare for taking the real LSAT exam coming up in October that will be evaluated by the law schools I apply to. Fellow interns who have already experienced the rigors of studying for the LSAT tell me that I need to start dedicating some study time each week towards practicing for the LSAT. I hope to score high so I can qualify for the schools that I feel are the perfect fit for me after I graduate with my Bachelor’s in the spring. I love reading books with a passion in my spare time and have really gotten away from that in college and I had a nostalgic feeling this week about that so I went out and bought Michael Crichton’s best-seller Pirate Latitudes to read. Worth the read, and I must say I did feel more relaxed than I did at any point in this internship experience so far. Another thing that I did, WAS A MUST, watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One as part of my own build-up to the finale of the Harry Potter franchise that comes to theatres on the 15th! I love harry potter, I have been a fan ever since the first book was published and can’t wait to see how the final book-to-movie translation turns out. The only thing that is a somewhat a disappointment to me is that I have to wait, a good 3 or 4 weeks, before I can see it. The reason is because, being deaf, I don’t have the accessibility to see a movie when it comes out with captions and thus, must wait a few weeks for the theatre to get it set up. Doing interactive activities out there, sometimes is not possible because I can’t understand what is happening and that is something I have to live with until accessibility is made easier and becomes even more widespread.

Well, as for this upcoming week at work, I plan to work a full week and get a lot of grunt work done regarding projects that other interns haven’t finished (I am the only intern that works Mondays-Tuesdays). I look forward to new and exciting projects to work on and am sure to have lots more to share with you fellow readers next week. Stay tuned…

-Colton Jannusch

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