Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Summer Summary

At the end of an event packed week, full of several ADA celebrations, meetings, and researching, what could be more peaceful than awakening at three AM, catching a cab at four, and heading to the Music City for slightly over twenty-four hours? Well, it was exciting to say the least! One of my best friends had a huge celebration, so I joined her and her family in Nashville, TN. Ironically, her cousin’s ninth birthday coincided with the festivities, and when my friend’s aunt walked in with a few dozens of Gigi’s Cupcakes, the local bakery that apparently specializes in wedding desserts, I knew my trip was meant to be. (Yep, they were amazing. My lemon one rivaled Sprinkles, though its hugeness made it a tinge more intimidating than the others. Eating the mountain of frosting required a fork for sure.)

What was particularly neat, though, was the return trip home. First, I met a phenomenal young lady in the Detroit airport who, when not working at the airport, traveled around the country acting in plays. She had just spent a few weeks on the set for an inspirational movie set to debut late this year or early next year. Additionally, she is going to school to become a councilor. Like I said, she was awesome.

Then, we were landing at Reagan, and our pilot announced our arrival to “our nation’s capital.” A few families of tourists were extremely excited, and I realized how lucky I am to have been able to call this place home for the summer.

As simple as these stories are, I think they summarize my experience. I’ve sure eaten a lot of amazing sweets, and often in wonderful company. I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible people who daily inspire, challenge, and encourage me, from the South Hall janitorial staff who make each morning just a bit more joyful, to Congressmen and their staff who are more well-known, to amazing coworkers who work hard to protect and advocate. And I’ve had the privilege to experience all of these moments and interactions in the political center of our country, a place I never imagined I’d live. As I enter into my last week, the Metro lines are now familiar, I have inside jokes to share with my fellow interns and coworkers, and I have learned so much and have so much gratitude for all of those who have made this internship a reality.

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