Monday, July 11, 2011

Memories formed by the Harbor

The ocean’s waves, french fries with vinegar and great sea food are on my list of favorite things. This past Saturday I was able to experience a segment these things when my mentor and I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to invest in each other’s company by the harbor through deep reflection, discussion and of course shopping!

As mentioned in my previous blogs I was born in Maryland, but I have not been back to visit for quite some time now. When I received an invitation from Andraea to travel to Baltimore I was ecstatic and touched. How many people truly set aside to time to build on their relationship? How many mentors make the time to truly mentor the one they’re with? I know I have one who does, and she sets the standards for me in the future.

Traveling by train and then transferring to a light rail we made it to our destination in about 30min. As soon as we stepped off the platform I felt the power of Ice Cubes lyrics “today was a good day!” I could feel that’s how it would turn out. Very casually we strolled down about two blocks and ran right into the Harbor. Beauty is the word I’ll use to describe it. Beauty because of its physical nature of water, and boats and tall building, but mainly beauty because in that moment we were creating a memory in both our lives we would never forget. Throughout the day we talked about love, loss, fears, relationships, spirituality, men and memories that have shaped us to who we are. This summer experience is something I will be forever greatful for because it continuously sets a precedent of standards that I want nothing more than to excel in. Yes, Saturday was a good day.

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  1. Ok, I am just seeing this...but, WOW! It is truly an honor to be in your life and witness the blossoming that continues to occur as you forge forth as the great woman and role model that you were created to be. I couldn't ask for a greater gift than our relationship!

    Lots of love,


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