Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 6: Work Hard, Play Hard

Besides significantly increasing my business casual wardrobe- one of the biggest benefits to becoming a member of the working world has been my increased appreciation for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I really do enjoy my internship every day- but working 9 hours daily is exhausting. So when I saw a 3 day weekend on the calendar I was thrilled and determined to make the most of it!
I started off the fun on Friday after work by meeting my mentor, Sara Mahoney for Jazz in the Sculpture Gardens. If you haven’t been yet- you should- it’s a perfect and relaxing way to kick off the weekend. I really enjoyed getting to know Sara better; hearing about her recent vacation to the Bahamas only made me slightly jealous! We finished off the night by eating some delicious tapas at Jaleo- I recommend the shrimp with garlic or the potatoes with pesto- both were delicious.
On Saturday I set off to meet my mom and sister who took the bus in from New Jersey. I was excited to be able to play tourist with them and show them around. We took a gorgeous boat tour of the Potomac and got the chance to explore Georgetown.
On Sunday the 3 of us set off early to visit the Newseum. It was one of the most unique museums I have ever visited. My personal favorite was the section that featured a collection of every Pulitzer Prize winning photograph. There was one powerful image after another, highlighting the full spectrum of human suffering and triumph. We spent 5 hours in the museum fully absorbed. After that I was able to show them around Chinatown- the area where I work. After that we headed back to the dorm where they got to meet some of my fellow interns- including the lovely Steph who makes a fabulous first(and ongoing) impression.
On Monday I headed off with a few interns to tour the town of Alexandria. It was nice to get out of the city on what was a very crowded DC day. I absolutely loved Alexandria- we spent hours touring and popping in to the various cute, locally owned shops. I purchased a new pair of earrings and we had an excellent barbecue lunch that made this Alabama college student feel right back at school! I capped off the night by attending the Capital Concert on the mall- thanks to the excellent seating us interns were provided. We heard performances from Steve Martin (who apparently plays the banjo!), Matthew Morrison (of glee fame), Josh Groban. The only downside to the weekend was perhaps leaving the concert- at the same time as 500,000 other people. Still I made it back to my dorm safe and sound, refreshed and ready to begin another working week.

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