Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 6

This past week at work, I was involved in a project that I believe has a lot of impact. This project was about collecting signatories from organizations who are committed to diversity and show that through signing the Pledge for Change, which essentially holds those organizations responsible for not only hiring men, women, different skin colors, but also disabled people who want to work for that organization. This project currently has over 100 signatories but more are always most welcome. It will give a chance for those organizations to continue to shape the future of the organization and its members in a very positive way. Aside from that project, I was not up to much at work, doing the typical intern stuff such as scanning documents, making calls or e-mails. The highlight of the work week was when I got to go on a private tour of the Library of Congress with all of my other American Bar Association interns. It was an amazing 3 hours tour- I got to see things that are closed to the public! I also got to touch some rare books, including the only book in the history of the world to carry George Washington’s signature! The experience was so cool!

As for the extracurricular activities, we won our weekly ABA softball game! It was a beautiful night outside near the Washington monument and we pulled out a grinder 14-12. We have 4 wins in our last 5 games now. On Saturday, I got to go see a Washington Nationals doubleheader from the luxury skybox of Verizon. The experience was everything and more. I had never been to another ballpark aside from the two in my hometown of Chicago, and this was a neat sight to take in. Lots of pictures! The food was tops, I mean, what do you expect at a ballgame? Ha! And the best part is that it was free! Many many thanks to the Verizon sponsors again for giving AAPD some free tickets. Both of the games were tightly contested, and though we let the first slip out of our grasp in the 8th inning, we came back in the night cap game to win it, weirdly, in the 8th inning as well. So 1-1 on the day, better than being 0-2. Here’s to hoping the Nationals can string together a few wins and get hot!

The July 4th concert on the west lawn of the capitol was so wonderful, a tad bit on the patriotic side but nevertheless an experience definitely that will stick with me for many years. The best part was the fireworks to cap the night off.

Happy July 4th everybody! Stay tuned for next week’s blog

-Colton Jannusch

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