Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things that Impress Me

I suppose it wouldn’t be an official blog post if I didn’t mention food, but before I get to that, I was able to attend a Hill Visit with my boss that really inspired me. The issue we discussed was definitely important, but the people discussing it, I think, also presented a valuable message.

The people I sat with were unashamed to identify themselves. All seven of us gave at least one “label.” Four of us were women, three were men, two were black, two had disabilities, two were gay, two were interns, one practiced Islam. Still, I don’t mean to focus so much on labeling people. Rather, I was struck by the diversity of the group, and the fact that, though different races, practicing different religions, having different sexual orientations, and being different ages, we all could agree and come together, supporting each other for a common goal. I don’t know if the Senator will share our views, or if he will support the bill we defended. However, I do know that many minority groups desperately want to be able to sit “at the table.” No, our society isn’t perfect, but I did get to see a glimpse of what that table looks like, and it’s incredible.

Of course, in regards to food, a second trip to Georgetown meant a stop at a second cupcake shop. Not sure what it is with D.C. and the obsession with cupcakes, but I wholeheartedly approve. Our thoughts? If you’re a frosting fan, you would probably enjoy Georgetown Cupcakes. That being said, we think, generally, Sprinkles is better. Slightly more expensive, but bigger cakes that taste amazing. As for us tasters, we will be spending quite some time in the gym this week! D.C. gives so many of these neat, and random, opportunities that make it a fantastic place to live.

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