Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fourth of July Week!

This week was a very interesting week for me. I started my week out by working on the IQ database system in Congressman Hoyer's office. I also got to explore the house chamber with the other interns which was kind of neat. When I was up in the balcony looking down at the house chamber in the capitol it was so amazing because I was able to think of all the first families and even first ladies who would sit up high in the balcony when the President would give his state of the union address. I also thought it was interesting to see which doors from down below where the representatives and other important people come in. Later on in the week I finally visited my mentor who helped me think about what things I needed to work on to prepare myself even further for the workworld or the realm of politics.

Fourth of July weekend was actually really cool. On Saturday, I went to the National Zoo. It was pretty good. There are a lot of different animals to see. I saw a couple of different kinds of monkeys at the zoo. However, I cant remember what kind they were. However, I forgot to realize that a good majority of people who go to the zoo have little toddlers or children. Therefore, I felt like a minority when it came to being a young adult man with no children. Then on Sunday I met up with some friends and got to go to Georgetown for the first time. I ate at a really cool restaurant. Then I just relaxed for the rest of Sunday. On monday the day of fourth of July I decided to go to New York Avenue for the first time. I did this by taking the metro there. I was a little bit shocked to realize that there was some crime in that area. I also ran into a homeless person. I gave the person a dollar to buy a Mcdonald's sandwich because I thought it was the right and nice thing to do. Afterall, I was in Mcdonalds when the person asked for some money.  I think we all need to look out for each other in society. I also contributed a little bit of money to support the troops who are working extremely hard. I feel it is important to donate towards them because they work so hard  and deserve a whole of respect for protecting our country. Then I saw the fireworks from my Dorm at around 9 p.m. at night. The fireworks were really cool. They were so loud but cool looking. I saw some green, yellow and maybe blue fireworks.

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