Monday, July 4, 2011

Being a Tourist

The three-day weekend has given me the excuse to do some of the things being in D.C. obligates. Mainly eating lots of food, walking endlessly, fighting Metro crowds, and, always, touring with friends.

After work on Friday, I ditched business clothes and headed to the Nationals game with a roommate and her visiting brother. I have two confessions: one, I was rooting for the Pirates, and, two, I wasn’t overly surprised when they lost. Besides, with a score of two-to-one, it’s hard to be downcast.

Saturday was devoted to visiting Ben’s Chili Bowl, which serves amazing food and is home to a powerful history. Open for fifty-eight years, Ben’s has witnessed many changes in U Street, from being part of what was termed Black Broadway to being in the center of the Race Riots. Bill Cosby and President Obama are amongst its most famous diners, but, judging by the line, there are many, many more.

Sunday consisted of a trip to Georgetown. It’s only fair to compare, so eventually we will get to the famed Georgetown Cupcakes. This weekend, though, we were sidetracked by Sprinkles, the cupcake shop closer to us on m Street. Cupcakes make a fabulous lunch, just in case you’ve never been blessed to experience it. Then, we dropped into the Old Stone House. Built in 1765, prior to the Revolutionary War, it is credited with being the oldest building standing in D.C. It is three floors, connected by slightly unnerving staircases, with about six rooms displayed. After reading the descriptions, we headed back to M Street. The interesting thing about Georgetown is that name-brand designer stores are situated right next to T-shirt shops. It provides a neat feel to have so many different options. We stopped by a spice and tea shop, which captivated us for almost an hour with its scents, descriptions, and suggestions. From spices to garnish ice cream to teas with rose petals and cinnamon, the shop was absolutely amazing. And as for today, a few of us our heading out of the city to check out Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Aside from the time to do some vast exploring, and eating, one of the nicest parts of this weekend has been all of the families that have come to visit fellow interns. Though mine is not here, there has been plenty of adopting. My personal favorite was definitely swapping stories over ice cream with intern Emily’s beautiful sister, Michelle. Being one myself, there is nothing like a little sister to select the best episodes to share. All of the families have made celebrating the Fourth unbelievably entertaining.

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