Monday, July 4, 2011

6th Week

The sixth week of my internship hath gone well. I am continuing answering phones with a smile on my face, digging hard to bring up information about legislation through my research, and buildling relationships in the office.

Aside from work this week, I enjoyed the weekend where I went to Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday; it was a relaxing day to just spend in the hills of Robert E. Lee's former estate and pasture lands. I also enjoyed going to the tomb of the unknown soldier, whilst I wasn't able to view the changing of the gaurds, just seeing the well-sought-after location was very intruiging.

What made this week so amazing was that the 4th of July was coming around the corner. I had a wonderful time hanging out with many of my friends. In the morning on Monday I went to the National Mall to see the parade with a few of my friends from church, once that was compelted I came back to GW and got to enjoy a cookout with a few fellow AAPD interns, and then in the afternoon and night I got to hangout with some of my friends that attend Harvard... we went to the west lawn of the Capitol Buildling - I really enjoyed the bluegrass concert... nice taste of back home! Also, before the fireworks went off I got to see one of my friends from Stetson; it is such a small world!

The fireworks were grand and the time was pleasant. This is a 4th of July I will not soon forget.

-Steven Policastro

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