Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Summer Experience

I am glad that I was chosen this summer to be a 2010 AAPD-Microsoft IT intern. Working at the Department of Commerce provided me with such great experience, and I greatly enjoyed it as well. I learned a lot about Drupal, and I am already starting to implement it for my own personal use as well as for others.

I also gained some life experience, such as in socialization, which was one of my main goals to get out of this experience. This is the first time I had lived away from home, and with strangers. At first it was a little difficult, but before too long I got used to it; I got to know my roommates pretty well. Also, between going to work and going to the many available events, many opportunities were provided for me to socialize and interact with others.

I am still keeping in contact with my mentor, Pablo Chavez, from Google. I am so glad that I was paired up with him as he is such as great guy. I continue to keep in contact with him and hope that I will see him again soon.

All in all, this internship was such a great experience and I would do it again any day. Good luck to any future interns that my read this, you won't regret it!

-Benjamin Tshudy

Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbye DC, A Fond Farewell

My last week as a DC intern was one of my best. I knew my way around the Senate buildings, the metro terminals, the subterranean passages connecting the various parts of the Capitol complex, and that most important DC introduction detailing my mission for being in the city, my original affiliation—since most people in Dc are not truly from Dc—and my next free moment to catch a coffee. I adored getting coffee with people. Aside from the interns in my office, I sat down with a Yale alumnus from my very own residential college and a journalist who has a vacation home in Croatia. I myself would like to go to Croatia to see the annual sword dance which the boys and men of Korcula perform in July, a tradition that stretches back to the Crusades. However, this may have to wait. I have to go to law school first, and thanks to Stacy, I met a number of blind lawyers and or law students with similar aims. Each had good advice for navigating the law admission and testing process. (shivers) Junior year will be interesting no doubt.

That said, I am going to miss some things. Frozen yogurt and mint chocolate are near the top of the list. It is not the question of their being items of food but that I consumed them with intelligent, creative people who knew how to talk well. I am going to miss the good conversations. Additionally, I know at the start of the summer I disliked giving tours of the Capitol. Now … It is rather nice. I have a chance to walk around, take a short sojourn away from the office, and discourse about American Neo-Classical art and architecture. My favorite tourists were the small families, parties of four or five individuals, who made plans to come all the way from Kansas and spend a week of their summer in our nation’s capital; and it was up to me to ensure they had a great experience learning about the legislative branch. Two families in particular stand out since they openly marveled at the different rooms and the history made in them a century ago. Plus they had several questions. I love it when people have questions. That means they are paying attention!

I believe I shall miss the metro where I met just about everyone: a friendly Australian tourist, a restaurant owner, a gang of French guys, who were out clubbing most likely, and so many other walks of life. It is like New York, though a little bit slower … or, hmmm … hard to say. Each city is different but similar in certain respects, no doubt since each is quite old. One day, I may return here. For now, I must away to New Haven.

--Nikki Singh