Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Week Left!

Alright, so this is my second to last week - I wanted to take this time to thank everyone so much for the opportunity to be up here in The District to lear the ways of the American government and bureaucracy. Simply being up here to get a feel of the culture, would have been enought - but I got so much more... I was able to make new friends, grow in my faith, and exchange ideas with people around me!

As this second to last week comes to a close, the spending crisis is coming to a deadline - so this coming week should be interesting to see if they will not come up with a plan before the deadline. Knowing how we operate in America, it will be at the last minute of the final day. But, it will be ever-so-interesting to watch come down to the second!

This week, we also got the chance to be recognized in fron the our community for being esteemed students and set-apart leaders. I'm so grateful to be blessed with such a great vision for not only myself but for those around me - for my country! To see our country get back on track and continue to move forward in the ways which make American exceptional. I was a little bit taken-a-back by the comencement speech given at the ADA Celebration by AAPD; when The Obama Administration came to not only tout healthcare legislation and "community living," but to campaign for the 2012 elections. There were a few things that raised red flags and made questions run through my mind... but all-in-all each person is entitled to their own opinion, be that your opinion falls within the majority of a group or you are the sole supporter on the opposite side.

I am very thankful for the bi-partisanship that AAPD has put up, me being a disabled person allows some experiences to be relateable but as a conservative Evangelical Christian who is a farmer from The Dixie Southland created a gap of understanding between some of the interns and I (even the certain staff members of AAPD), in the wake of such a polarized society. While we have not always seen eye-to-eye on all the issues... everyone has been fairly civil for the majority of this summer. I am glad of that! :)

I'll report back on next week to let everyone know how the spending crisis was settled and how my last week during the internship was.

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