Saturday, July 30, 2011

Margie's Last Blog??

Could this be it? The last blog of my AAPD/DC adventures? Maybe….

I am going to the Library of Congress with my friend and fellow intern Krista this morning. I am looking forward to spending some time with her before we part ways.

I do plan on staying in touch with a number of people both personally and professionally. Those who know me from back home know that keeping in touch is something I do well! A phone call, a hand-written note, a homemade card are just a few of the mediums I work in.

I had my site visit with Dr. Tom Finch, director of training and service programs division of the Rehabilitation Services Administration and Dana Fink, American Association of People with Disabilities Program Assistant. Dr. Finch spoke highly of me and the projects that I was executing. RSA wants another intern for the summer of 2012 and Dr. Finch said, “I set the bar high.” He also stated that he would provide a written testimony to the quality of RSA’s experience with me as an AAPD intern.

I will keep in touch with RSA formally through work in a workgroup assigned to promote hiring of people with disabilities, a topic I feel very passionately about!

I will be attending a Project Director’s Conference in Crystal City, Virginia for two and a half days this week, and then wrapping up some final projects and meetings. I have to say goodbye to so many great people that the end is bittersweet, but overall, it was a life-changing and successful summer. I am happy to say that I feel proud to be an AAPD intern.

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