Sunday, July 10, 2011

7th Week.

So, it's the seventh week of my internship, which has been going well - this week I got to attend a hearing on data retention as it related to law enforcement and sex offedners. It was interesting, but some of the testimonies made me sick to my stomach!

After the long week of work, I was able to go visit my cousin in western Maryland... she's from Alabama - it has been so great she's a fellow southerner... so you've got the southern accent, southern food, southern hospitality... which all leads to southern comfort - which I so greatly miss up here! Not to mention, she lives in a valley, which is full of corn and wheat, tons of small towns (less than 100 people), and thousands of hills! It was such a refreshing time to get out of The District and simply enjoy life, eat at a dinner table, be able to go outside and actually hear the birds, smell the crisp air, and look at the stars at night.

I do believe this trip actually made me miss home more than I had previously. While I am so thankful to be part of this internship program, in learning the ways of the "big city life"... I am longing for the day I get to go back to not having to schedule my life a week in advance, and when you ask someone if they want to meetup for dinner - you actually sit down at their dinner table for a homecooked meal... rather than going to an expensive eatery and get pummled with taxes.

This is just my humble opinion,
Steven Policastro

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