Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello everybody,

As the end of the internship nears, I find myself doing many important things at work. One which had to do with creating a directory of law schools that provided clinics in disability law for those who are interested in working in the disabilities field and want more resources to immerse oneself in to enhance the law school experience when it comes to disability law. The directory also included pro bono organizations that focus on disability law and this will be a great resource for those who cannot afford to advocate on their own. Another project that I am currently working on is in its beginning stages, it has to do with a online web seminar Continuing Learning Education (CLE) for the lawyers regarding representing claimants seeking Social Security benefits who have disabilities. This new project introduces a bit of writing which I am excited about, data collecting can be exciting for some, but for me my true passion is writing. I hope what I unearth in my research as I develop this webinar will go towards helping lawyers develop and master a Social Security practice for clients with mental and physical disabilities. Well, enough about work, now on to the fun!

On Wednesday morning, all the ABA interns were treated to a private tour of the United States Supreme Court, and man, was that an experience. Learning quite a lot on the tour has piqued my interest in the history behind the place and its impact on the laws of America. It was a very interesting tour, and I must confess, I got chills when I walked into the actual courtroom. Seeing it in documentaries and pictures does not do justice to the power and the beauty the court espouses. I felt quite, quite intimated to walk into the courtroom. The second part of the tour was a private meeting with Mr. Souter, the current Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court. He talked for 45 minutes at length about an array of topics, and we all asked many questions that he was happy to answer. We had to be kicked out because we were asking so many questions and taking up his time haha. It was great while it lasted, I feel blessed to have gotten this chance to tour the Supreme Court and talk with a important figure in the Supreme Court.

Another fun thing I got to do was the Phillies game on Saturday up in Philadelphia. I have to say I have not done anything this random in a long time- meaning taking a 3 hour bus ride to a different state altogether for a ballgame, and making it back home all in one day. Now the game itself, was so full of momentum swings, and provided for a lot of fireworks and buzz nevermind the scorching hot 100 degrees weather at first pitch. The game was a high scoring affair, and I am on the side of baseball fans that favor great hitting over great defense any day of the week, a 1-0 game is so boring, and this one, 8-6 in the favor of the Phillies was the polar opposite. It was just my luck that I didn’t get any of the 7 homerun balls. Ha!

All in all, a very wonderful week with many memories made. Stay tuned for the last two upcoming weeks of my wonderful internship experience here in this wonderful city of Washington, D.C.

-Colt J

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