Saturday, July 9, 2011

7th Week, 7th Blog

The crowd swarmed the theater like bees buzzing over honey. Women in black skirts and dresses, topped with flirtatious pink and purple welcomed the eyes of fair gents in superior tuxes. I beat the status quo and dared to differ; I wore blue jeans.
Gracing the long red carpet with my black leather Dockers my wondering eyes gazed upward to the blanket sized flags. Each flag a different country filled with hope and promise to its people.
Ushers in red overcoats stood nearby waiting for people to ask questions of all sorts. Where is the bathroom? Where is the gift shop? How long is the intermission?
People munched and crunched on candies and sweets, politely. After all, this was a professional theater.
I had the glorious opportunity to sit near the orchestra pit. A dragon’s head like a gargoyle guarded the stage. During the performance it came to life by moving and lighting up.
The costumes were a perfect match for the characters. Some were bright gooey green and while others were magnificent blue. The main two characters sang together in such a beautiful harmony and their natural chemistry was the Babe Ruth of Baseball. Dancing of hops, jumps and unexpected turns made the performance a spontaneous joy.
There is something special about the theater, the actors and actresses. It’s a unique life of it’s own shell.
Poets, dreamers of creation enjoy word play as musicians take delight caressing their fingers on instruments.
Beauty is found in passion. Do what you love. Help one another. Love your sister and your brother. Family is found in the heart.

-Krista Dora

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