Monday, July 2, 2012


This week I find myself without a title for this blog.  With regard to my internship, I am having an excellent time.  I have worked on a project that was eventually denied funding but the experience was priceless. I have also met other interns with in the Department of Education.  I feel that the alliances that are being formed with create a powerful everlasting network for me. 

My birthday was this week and I attended the United Spinal roll awards reception.  Surprisingly, I had a wonderful time at the event.  I meet Senator Harkins who has been considered the father of disability rights on Capital Hill.  He was very instrumental in the forming of the American with Disabilities Act.  He introduced the Americans with Disabilities Act into the Senate and it eventually became law.  He was a delight! I was scheduled to have “Breakfast with Senator Harkins” on the following day.  However, the shock of the night was meeting Senior Congressman John Conyers that night.  I shook his hand and he gave me his card. 

The following day, I went to Breakfast with Senator Harkins, and I was shocked to find that he remembered me from the prior night.  I meet two other persons there and found out that one of the individuals was the CEO for AAPD.  I received some wonderful information and ideas for research from him.  He was a swell person to meet. 

On this week, I also went on a tour of the Capital with the Department of Education Interns.  Coincidentally, it was the morning the Supreme Court was announcing the decision about Obamacare and the capital is across the street!  So it was complete pandemonium.  What a day for we walked in the hot blazing sun and I am now two shades darker!   

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