Monday, July 30, 2012

Notes to Self, Post-ADA Week

1) There is one week only during which people and organizations who do not normally Do Disability are likely to consider that perhaps they should. Use this week as opportunistically as possible.

2) That said, it is still impossible to be in more than one place at once, even during ADA week.

3) Never attempt to put on a suit jacket outside if the temperature exceeds 95 degrees. Do not ignore this if you value your suit.

4) The "lead on chant" just involves saying "LEAD ON! LEAD ON! LEAD ON!" repeatedly, in a loud voice.

5) Disability Pride Parade has kicked off in Philadelphia! Definitely try to go to that next year.

6) Given that your disability causes overload and fatigue, under no circumstances should you attend an evening event on the same day that you wake up at 4 AM to staff a morning event.

7) Seriously, don't do it.

8) You have just two weeks left and you've only visited one museum in all the time you've been here! What are you doing with your life?

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