Monday, July 9, 2012

July Weather

There’s been record heat here in Washington this week and I am very thankful that we have air conditioning. It’s interesting how much we come to rely on that in the summer, especially in a place that gets as warm and humid as Washington DC. It’s also interesting what a difference it can make for those with disabilities and health problems, who would otherwise face more problems because of the extreme heat. We were lucky that we didn’t lose power from the storm this past weekend but many residents in the DC Metro area are still getting their power back and there are many who have been hurting in this weather. On Saturday temperatures got up to 105 degrees, a new record.

So sadly this week I don't have too much to talk about. I was sick with a virus this week, and thus don’t have much to report, so I apologize if this post is a little lackluster. Wednesday was the 4th of July, which is a big deal especially in the Capital. There were tons of people in patriot colors passing by my window—I even saw someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty! I wasn’t feeling up to leaving the dorm, but my roommate and I were able to see the Capitol Fourth fireworks from our windows, which was fun. I can’t believe that it’s July already—this summer is going by so quickly. We are already halfway through our internships, which is hard to believe. In some ways it’s sad to see the time pass so quickly, but I’m looking forward to all the new things I will learn and people I will meet in the coming weeks!

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