Sunday, July 22, 2012


Contain Dyslexic Spelling!

Another week gone by and this internship is approaching its end, already. Something has deffinlty changed this week in my perception of my work and life here in DC. For the first time, I find myself capable of really visualize a life here. Policy is so abstract from the outside, but after these many weeks bent to the grind (and having fun too!) I am relizing that it a form of work that I find rewarding and feel I can contribute to.

Even as I relize this perspective, there is still a sence that I need to prove my self somewhere else before returning to policy work, if it is in deed my destiny. One of my friends called DC the ultimate proving ground—the place where everyone comes to test themselves agaist a clear higheracy and standard. But I don’t know if I agree with this assessment. This city does not seem to be a diverse enough place to test me on all fronts. I am consumed by the sence that I must find myself elsewhere before returning full time.

This intership has of course been a vital step in getting a teast of what DC has to offer and I am so greatful for this opertunity. I wish I could stay longer and soak more of it up. I may indeed try to come back next summer and continue my hand at a different forms of policy work. In the mean time, there will be plenty of opertunites to test myself in other domains.

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