Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Internship Week 5 Ross Yellin

This week was very eventful I continued to work on my analysis between the European Standards and the 508 Standards. This week I spent a lot of time organizing the chart and making it user friendly.  I sent up a meeting with several staff members to go over my chart. The staff members had some suggestions and changes that they wanted me to make. On Friday evening I went with one of my co-workers named Tim to staples to purchase a wire to hook up to a sound amplifier device.  Tim is the director of assistive technology at the US Access Board. The way a sound amplifier device works is by hooking it up to your ear. Then the person who is hard of hearing will be able to hear others in the room if they speak into a microphone. The microphone sends a signal to the amplifier device so the person can hear what the person speaking into the microphone is saying. Four wonderful interns let me do my laundry at their place and I had some quality bonding time  with them.  I was surprised to see Sean there as well. We all went to the Smithsonian festival and I danced to the Afghan Music. That weekend I went to the Chabbad house. Which is a Jewish organization. I meet a lot of people and made some everlasting friends. First we prayed and then we started singing and doing some Jewish dances. We were all stuck in there for a while because it started to rain really bad outside.

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