Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dispel the myths

There's nothing admirable about working your body down to its weakest point just to be able to say "I did it".

Nothing is admirable about accomplishing something and then being in so much pain the next day that you can't enjoy it because you didn't pace yourself. Damn that notion that people must prove themselves by working till fatigued , figure things out without asking for help, and putting their work before their health. People with disabilities often try to fight the stigma of being lazy by working like machines. Not asking for necessary accommodations, taking ample time to rest, and ignoring our bodies, are many of things things we do fit in at the workplace, so our disabilities don't make us look weak.

We have to start using our disabilities as an opportunity to educate those we work with. We have to start having conversations about our disability in the break room, and on the metro. Only through those conversations can we dispel the myths about laziness and bring truth to the reality of our lives.

As well all know, the saying we often used is "disabled and proud", never "disabled and meek."

Be proud,

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