Monday, July 9, 2012

D.C. in D.C. week 6- Catfish and Credit Cards in the Potomac

Now normally I would beat around the bush on my blogs and wait to tell you the what crazy/amazing things that happened to me over the past week but this is truly the granddaddy of them all so I am going to cut straight to the case this time. So, I went to a pier called The Wharf with my supervisor to grab some lunch and as the lady from Jimmy's Grill (yes I am giving you the name so it doesn't happen to you) was handing me my card back, after she had charged it, dropped it into a 6 inch space of water between their place and the ordering platform! Man ol' man, I had to stand there and watch my card with the only cash I had sink all the way down to the bottom and then disappear up under the place! Well, I did not throw a fit nor did I do anything out of anger, I actually laughed! When things like this usually happen to me I throw a temper tantrum but that was not going to do me any good. For a change, I just called my bank and had them expedite me a new one. I feel that that was a moment and a testament to myself that I have gained a little more maturity and that made me happy. I couldn't complain because it could have been a lot worse (phone, whole wallet, me)!

Now moving right along, on Fourth of July I hung out with Ben for the first half of the day and we ate some burgers, mac n' cheese, baked beans (compliments of Chef-Boy-R-Carrie) and talked a little bit of politics, in which me and him will be sitting down with my senator from back home, the Honorable Sherrod Brown (D- OH) on Thursday to chat a bit about some disability issues Ohio. Then later on, me and Rak walked around and took in sights of all the people here in DC celebrating the holiday. We met up with some of the other interns and watched the Capitol Fourth Concert! Kool & The Gang was there and I had to call home and brag to my parents! I enjoyed the whole show and got to see the fireworks and the cannons firing across the river! I thought the fireworks were ok but I expected more from them being that we are in the Nation's Capitol but nonetheless it was fun. I went home for the weekend and jumped on my Xbox 360 and played Modern Warfare 3 with my friends again to stay in and beat the heat.

Besides my Ohio State card from back home swimming in the Potomac River I can say I had a pretty good week. I got a lot of activities planned for me thanks to the USDA Internship Program in which we will be going to the Pentagon and White House (#winning)! I am Blessed because of these things and again, I cannot complain. I am looking forward to another prosperous week and I hope yours is the same!

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