Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog #5

As many of you have noted, last week, the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Championships.  My all-time favorite player, LeBron James was awarded MVP because of his excellent talent and leadership abilities in this sport.  I have been following LeBron since the first game of his career against the Sacramento Kings.  From that moment on, I've been following him in his career and have so much respect for him as a player.  I'm glad that he has finally acquired what he wanted most from his career, which is a championship ring of his own to prove his mastery of this sport to the world.  I'm thrilled to have shared this whole basketball experience with other interns from the program, even those who doubted his abilities from the beginning (you know who you are).  

LeBron will be participating in the Olympics basketball this summer in London.  I am excited and hope that LeBron will lead the team to a gold medal for the U.S.  I have a faith in our nation's team and players, and hope that you will cheer them on along with me.

I've also been spending my leisure time after a long at my internship exercising.  I'm not sure how many of you know, but as part of the GW housing agreement, we have access to the Charles Smith athletic facilities located on 22nd and G street.  Offered inside are basketball courts, weight rooms, golf simulators, etc.  I've been taking advantage of the indoor pool and would recommended you do it as well because swimming is one of the best forms of exercise as you're using every part of your body.  The water is a little cold initially, but that's actually a very efficient way of burning calories while you swim because your body is working hard and burning more calories to keep itself warm.  Anyways, check out the facilities if you're looking for a great way to get into a routine and get fit this summer.

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