Monday, July 16, 2012

I am thinking about how to make the most of the last few weeks we have left. What questions do I want to have answered by the end of the program? I’m going to look back on my learning objectives to find out what I’m missing and hopefully get in contact with my mentor.

 What did I do this week? I sat in on a morning meeting were the stories that will be placed on the 11 o’clock news are decided, My air conditioning is working in my room (thanks to my friend, I do really “get by with a Little help from my friends”), covered the story of a burger eating contest where one of the contestants (a vegetarian) eat veggie burgers instead, got some good interviews with contestants and PETA advocates. I did my 1st standup (a stand that is when a reporter is on site in does a spiel), I am definitely better as an interviewer than a reporter.  I wrote a piece listing the 10 best bars in DC to watch the Olympics. Trying to work on some captioning stuff during work hours, but I’ve decided that in order to do this I need to stay the night shift because I’ll have more access to equipment. Hold stock footage for future articles. Set up and pitched new stories. Conducted an informational interview with the head of the web core team.  Did some inventory with camera and sound equipment.  Went to a Shabbat dinner with Ross, connecting to my Jewish roots.  Played disability cranium!

 You all should check this out: this is an example of the type of  content that the NBC4 the scene team covers, I wrote this for the Internet not realizing that someone had Artie written the article, so I figured I’d put it to some use...  Click on the links below for more info.

Screen on the Green

It’s back, DC’s summer tradition, free movies on the national Mall, Screen on the Green.  From July 16 to August 6, four films will be screened on the national Mall, at a new location, between 7th and 12th St.  This year’s lineup features America’s most legendary classics from every genre! Western, Romantic-Comedy, Drama, and Suspense/ Horror you really can’t go wrong with a good classic.

Monday, July 16, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid (1969).

Wednesday, July 25, It Happened One Night (1934).

 Monday, July 30, From Here to Eternity (1953)

 Monday, August 6, Psycho (1960)

Films will began at dusk. Event’s organizers expect people to claim spots as early as 5 PM.  Since this is an outdoor event this schedule may change due to extreme weather, in order to stay informed follow Screen on the Green on their Facebook or twitter.

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  1. Best line in the post: "I wrote this for the Internet not realizing that someone had Artie written the article." I love how the word 'already' got transformed and personified into a guy (or gal) named 'Artie.' That's poetic brilliance.


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