Sunday, July 22, 2012

The United States of America , the greatest country in the world? (Part 2)

 So where do you  go from here. What happens to all your dreams and aspirations? What about the things that you are perfectly capable of doing on your own  that you cant accomplish by living in a hospital? But we live in the United States arguably the greatest county in the world. We have the most powerful military, the greatest scientists, enough resources to feed the entire world several times over. But Why should we bother with just one person or small group of paraplegics? Does such a small percent of people really affect the greatness of our country .

So, to answer this question more effectively lets eliminate all paraplegics. Let’s also eliminate those who are paralyzed from the waist down. Let’s eliminate the blind, the deaf, the morbidly obese. Heck lets eliminate any one with a physical disability. If we really want to determine the greatness of our country shouldn’t we look at the life of average  American. But how do we define average? Doesn’t  everyone have more or less something wrong with them? How do we account for those of us who have hidden disabilities? Those of us who are afraid to share the pain that there going through.  What about those of us with learning disabilities, those of us with dyslexia, autism, narcolepsy and even depression. For the sake of this question lets eliminate any one with any kind of disability. So now we have finally reached the average American. But who are we left with? We have eliminated almost every person in the United States.  Maybe the average American  is simply a melting pot with a crossbreed of disabilities. If this is the case what are we  to do? We can take on and destroy any enemy in a battle field who faces us on the battlefield. We can easily send a man to the moon. Heck we can even grow food in the desert, but we can’t enable a paraplegic to live a productive life.  So maybe it shouldn’t be me who answers this question. Maybe I should go into the intensive care unit at a hospital or the nearest psych ward and ask them “How do we judge the greatness of our country”?

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