Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rob Stewart's Week of Independance Day

Another week ends and another begins.  Its been…interesting.  Last week I went to a two day introduction for the Department of Homeland Security.  Basically, it was a series of lectures that lasted two days for interns and people just transferring into the department.  We talked about a variety of subjects, and were given packets of information as well.  I only knew one of the people at the meeting and only made a tiny bit of small talk with the people around me.  Still it was a relaxing way to spend a couple of days. 

Then of course was Independence Day.  Having lived in DC for a number of years, I have been to the Capitol for a couple of Independence Days.  Honestly, I found it a little underwhelming.  Its partially the crowds, partially the waiting, and partially that I just don’t get as much a kick outta fireworks.  When you’re a little kid, it appears like the fireworks light up the sky.  But as an adult, you recognize that the display does not take up as much space as it appears.  This year was different.  First I had a great lunch with my fiancée.  Secondly, we met up with some friends and were on the highway when the fireworks started.  That was a much nicer experience, talking to people and sitting in a car.  Then the day ended.

And of course, there was the heat.  The whole latter part of this week has been unbearable heart.  Its maddening.  Yesterday my fiancée and I were out and about, and it was miserable.  I have been in this town for a number of years and I don’t remember ever feeling this bad in the heat.

Still, it was a good relaxing week so far.  As I prep for next week and prepare to go out and buy some food, I’m excited to see what comes next.

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