Monday, July 23, 2012

Long Live Tiger 10.4.11

Yesterday the unthinkable happened.

I couldn't gain access to the internet. It wasn't a simple case where the server was down. The difference was I had no server. You might ask, how does someone not have a server? I'll tell you. Let's begin with my mac's age. Seven. She is a Tiger. When I first got her, I decided that since I didn't use Safari it would be a wonderful idea to get rid of it, completely. Word to mac users, don't ever follow in my footsteps. 

There I was happily browsing the internet. Then I decided to build a website. In my search for a template the computer states that in order access the templates I must download the latest version of Firefox. Sure, why not? Turns out, it is incompatible with my system. I can no longer get to the internet. Thankfully, I have another mac, a desktop, so I download various of Firefox to transfer over. None of them are compatible. Many are probably thinking, just use the other mac. That is unacceptable. When I am in-between moving I have to have my laptop. It is also the only system that I can sit and write papers, which means I have to be able to do research.

After an hour and more to try and get my mac to work, my friends and I call customer service, who immediately tell me that they cannot help since my system is so old. However, they will listen to my question and troubleshoot it over to the technical gods. After listening the representative tells me that they will send an article to my email.
            I ask, if I don't have access to my email account how am I supposed to open the article?"
           They respond, "that's a good question." Then, "for $49.97 I can troubleshoot your issue to technical support."
           My reply, "no, thank you. I don't have money." Click. I resign. Perhaps my system is too old. I get home and while sitting at my desk something on my desktop catches my attention. Firefox 3.0. I have nothing to lose. I transfer it over to my laptop.

You'll never guess where I'm writing this blog from.

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