Sunday, July 8, 2012

Confessions of a Conformer

What happens when we don't conform? This is a question we should all be asking ourselves, because our sheer existence doesn't conform. There is the Norm and then the Non, which I find highly ironic given that the idea of normality didn't exist until the 19th century. That's right. Normality is a fraud posing as a wanna-be-historic-presence. But really, normality is a trend setter, and a terrible one at that. Boring.

Yet, there it/they is.

Normality. Conformity.

The ideologies--skin itch.

Normality. Conformity.

Follow the leader tendencies--brain washed.

Sitting in a pizza shop called the "Mellow Mushroom" with Phred and swaying our heads to the sound of the reggae rhythm I am eased back into my roots. Nestled, really. And happy. Disability activism and culture is a way of life that I have never taken lightly. I have also always approached it with a style of flare. Often, people say, "tone down." Within the last two years I've bumped into their wall. I wobble. Then I look at the wall placed in front of me. I bow. Respect its wishes. Stop where I am told. I am the worst type of activist. I am a conformer in disguise.


It's true.
I am no better than Norm.

Disbelief. Shame. When did I start taking orders from this perspective?

But tonight is different. Phred and I are planning a revolution. There will be no boundaries. I am speaking my mind and she is worrying about me getting us ostracized and I tell her not to worry because, "all the great activists have been blacklisted."

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