Sunday, July 15, 2012

Robs Job Week

An exciting week has drawn to a close.   I was able to step into the part of the Department of Homeland security I will be working in at last.  For a few weeks at least, I can gain a great and worthwhile work experience.

I am working for the Chief Human Capitol Officer of the Department of Homeland Security.  Every day at 8:30am I arrive at the office, where I sit down at my computer station and do work.  The various people who work in the office will then seek me out and give me assignments.  The work has been good so far, and it helps that I work in a really friendly and accepting work environment. 

In addition to that, my personal life continues to advance and change.  My fiancée and I have started weeding planning!  We have started all of the serious logistical stuff.  We also know where in the city we are going to live when this program ends.  It is exciting, though it makes finding a job for afterwards all the more imperative. 

Another thing that has happened this week is that I have realized how urgent something is.  Part of my disability is that, for lack of a better term, my mind is constantly chaotic.  I am either really focused on something or have a tendency to drift.  When I am walking down the street, sitting at the office waiting for work, or just resting at home in a manner that doesn’t involve watching tv/internet tv shows, just “doing nothing” drives me mad.  This also means that I can miss important details when people tell/ask me stuff.  I have begun a quest to figure out the best way for me to have a relaxed engaged mind.

A new week begins.  I am really excited to see what more experience at this job will feel like.     

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