Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 9

Bringing week 9 to a close with some very memorable moments including closure to a major project, some very valuable and interesting meetings and of course the 22nd anniversary of the ADA. Not that university coursework is not fulfilling but, contributing to something that has the potential to positively impact a group of people feels amazing. It’s different than the satisfying feeling of taking a test and knowing you did well or even turning in a thesis paper. Those actions leave a person feeling accomplished and almost relieved. Conversely, having contributed to a greater good or to something that you have a passion for makes you feel exhilarated. It reminds you where your passions lie and what your objectives and motives are. It really is a great feeling. Like always, this opportunity has allowed me to meet and converse with so many successful and inspirational people. It has allowed me to think outside of the box in regards to a career path and has given me insider knowledge on what is needed in order to achieve and maybe even surpass the goals I have set for myself and my future. Lastly, the 22nd anniversary of the ADA, what more to say? The speeches were inspirational and about bettering the lives of people with disabilities. The ADA in a more focal and literal sense has opened doors for me. It has made it possible for me to travel and access things that may not have been accessible prior. It has allowed me to experience things with greater freedom.  I have traveled outside of the US and been able to witness first hand some of the issues that arise when the ADA is not available to be upheld. Things are not accessible, doors close, places are unavailable to entry. It makes me even more proud to be American. 

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