Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 8

Week 8 has come and gone and with it came many interesting and informative meetings, a fire alarm, a new type of cuisine and the highlight of the week, a surprise visit from my fiance. All in all, not a bad way to wrap up week 8. Lets start at the beginning.  I had the opportunity this week to meet with several very successful people. These meetings always instill enthusiasm for my future and my career path. They leave me feeling that anything is possible. I have to say, this internship has allowed me the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge base but also to be influenced by people who have encountered amazing successes. This, I do not take for granted. Onto the next topic, the fire alarm in South Hall, not as positive of a subject. I have to report that I am somewhat disappointed as neither my roommates nor I were ever educated about an an evacuation plan or of how I (as a w/c user) was suppose to evacuate the building with the elevators not working. I have to take a minute to send a large thank you out to Rob and Dwight for bumping me down 6 (yes, 6) whole flights of stairs tot he ground level. As I am a person that does not want to offer my opinion without a solution attached, I would like to suggest a more informative orientation be given in case this situation occurs in the future. One that outlines how w/c users are expected to exit, and one that would allow for preparation of the people who may have to bump someone in a w/c down several flights of stairs. Next subject! Ethiopian cuisine! I have to say, it was pretty darn good before I took a large bite of a piping hot jalapeno and pretty darn good after my mouth stopped feeling like the flames of hell! The food was amazing and I can wait to enjoy it again, bringing me to my next surprise visit! I got word that was a "perishable" package in the lobby of South Hall waiting for me and that I "must" pick up this package right away. So, I went down stairs and there she was! Waiting for me with a huge smile! Couldn't have been a better surprise! All in all, a great and informative week 8!

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