Monday, July 2, 2012

Chex Mix

Somehow I fell through a tear in the space-time continuum and the summer program is halfway over. The short moments of respite between Metro commutes, meetings, receptions, grocery shopping and evening outings have not been enough to sit down, quiet the mind and make sense of the whole thing. In the absence of a comprehensive treatise on living and working in DC, here's what I like to call my "Mental Chex Mix", an unorganized assortment of thoughts, quotes and observations--some salty, some sweet and some strange--.

-There are no boats in Washington, yet everyone wears boat shoes
- "Accommodation is not just a physical object or a one-time adjustment, it is a process that is always evolving. It is okay for you to not have it all figured out now, and it is okay for it to change." (My spectacular supervisor, Jennifer Kemp)
-nothing brings out the best and worst in people like six orphaned baby ducks under a car.
-Bucket lists are not just for old people. If you have a bucket list when you are 25, you won't need one when you're 75.
-"I adamantly protest the richest culture in the history of the world, a culture which has the obvious potential to create a golden age of science and democracy dedicated to maximizing the quality of life of every person, but which still squanders the majority of its human and physical capital on modern versions of primitive symbols of power and prestige."
            -Justin Dart
-it seems like every time I step foot outside I meet someone who speaks Portuguese
-the stereotype of federal employees as automatons lacking drive and vision could not be farther from the truth
-networking, networking, networking
-every day is an opportunity, every conversation is an interview, anything can happen

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