Monday, July 30, 2012

Second till the end

 And so the internship winds down.  It has been a very interesting summer.  I have been immersed in education about the fight for equality that the disabled community has gone through.  I have read court cases, and seen the Hill in action.  And I am working for the Department of Homeland Security.   I have made friends and had time to think and reflect.  I really feel I have grown this summer.
Speaking of the internship, things continue to go well.  I go through my assignments each day and then head home.  It remains a very nice environment to have a job (well internship in). 
In terms of my personal life, that too is coming together.  I have a place to live in after the summer is over, and I have already dropped stuff off.  I feel a sense of excitement about the future, really feeling like an adult.  It will be a completely new experience for me, as I roomed at the dorms all four years of my college experience at American University.  I am excited, nervous, and also determined to be on top of the minutia of my day to day experiences in the world of adults.
This week, I also had a great intern experience with the ADA Anniversary celebration.  It was great to see old friends there and to once again sit in that magnificent room.  I also got a copy of Amazing Gifts by Mark I. Pinksy.  I cant wait to dive into it.  I also got to see my mentor and agree to see each other after work this week for dinner.
Things have gone really well.  But I am also a little bit nervous.  I hope that I find work after the AAPD internship is done.   Well, there is still some time, and I should probably run!  See you all next week for what I think will be the last post as an intern.

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