Sunday, July 22, 2012

D.C. in D.C. week 8: And it was almost a normal one...

Hello all!

Well I truly have to say that this pass week for the first time since I have been here has been a normal week...almost! I woke up, got ready, caught the subway to work, worked, caught the subway home from work, ate dinner, watch a little TV then went to sleep (and repeat) pretty much all week and I loved it! It was a relaxing week and I miss those type of weeks now more than ever. When I was back home and in school last fall, I had a routine: Monday through Friday I went to school, picked my players up for practice, practiced, took them home from practice, got changed, did homework/ate and after that went to sleep (and repeat). I like routines! Maybe it's from being in the military, maybe it isn't, but I like order. Most of my time here has been CHAOS ( sometmes in a good way though)! I had to narrow the time down for when I get up in the morning, wash up, eat breakfast then leave for the subway in time so I am not too early (I saw Liz's post) and not too late (trains stop randomly in the morning). I also had to organize my time at work so I can be productive but have accuracy when completing my projects. From losing debit cards and ID badges, to walking in the rain minus an umbrella, I would have to say this week has truly been a normal week...almost!

Now, the almost is inserted of course for all of us who live in South Hall and had a rude awakening at 5:30am when the fire alarm went off! Every morning, I kid you not, I wake up around 5:30am, look at my clock and say "Thank you Jesus, I have two more hours to sleep", but for some odd reason, that morning I wasn't ready for that one! Phred took a picture of all of us looking pathetic with our PJ's on, hair all over the place, and baggy, sleepy eyes! I however, have fell victim to the fire alarm follies one too many times at Kent State when I lived on campus so I was up, alert and making sure all my suite mates got out! Then, I felt exactly how they did once we were safe, tired again! Besides that, and I know you all are accustom to my wacky adventures here this summer, that was one event that I did not endure on my own and surprisingly enough, was the only unusual thing that happened to me all week!

So this week's blog would have been pretty boring if the fire alarm would not have been pulled; It is a gift AND a curse! Something exciting is always happening to/around me and it has been and continues to be a great experience and I owe it all to AAPD, thank you; Sincerely and not sarcastically. This week ahead of me I AM GOING HOME! After the JFA Awards ceremony I am packing a few things then heading home early Friday morning for a wedding. It's going to feel good to be home, eat some good food and chill with my family! So that is my motivation to finish this week up strong! Before I conclude my blog, I would like us all to say a prayer for those who were killed in Colorado this past Friday. Whether they were 6 or 56 years old it is a tragedy and I pray that those families of the victims find strength, comfort and faith through these tough times. "Ye, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me. Thy Rod and Thy Staff comfort me... Weeping may endure for the night but Joy cometh in the morning". It's a lot going on in the world and there is a lot that I am thankful for to God especially for watching over me and mines.

Until next time...

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