Monday, July 9, 2012

Being True to oneself!!

This week has gone by really fast.  We are at the midpoint and I must say that my experiences at work have been delightful.  I have met wonderful people and have a supportive supervisor.  I am happy with my placement.  I have stayed true to my hope of working at my site one day, and the Lord has brought things full circle for me.  Words cannot articulate the joy I feel working at my site. 

Last week, I was selected to work on a special project that I volunteered, and I was selected as a key member of the planning committee.  WOW!!!  I am so looking forward to the launch date of the project for it will be so much fun mixed with hard work!!  I also saw the July 4th fireworks… just beautiful!

I must also say that it has been challenging riding the metro each day.  It is soooooooooooo Hottttttt!!! I find myself drenched with sweat, and I stayed hydrated.  Yet, I still want to go enjoyed the sites in DC but find myself attempting to rest.  As I type this blog, I hear the thunder and hope that the city and surrounding areas will be ok in the morning.  I was saddened to see all the destruction and devastation left after the last storm.  As I made my way to church, I saw trees down and cellular service was not an option for the networks were busy.  However, I found a place to worship and remained true to myself by attending church!

Another subject that I have been wrestling with is taking care of my needs or my body’s needs over others.  I have been neglecting my own health out of sympathy for someone else, and this week I decided to be true to myself!! I am putting my health and well being first and I encourage all people to do so.  

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