Sunday, July 22, 2012

The United States of America , the greatest country in the world? (Part 1)

How do we judge the greatness of  our country ? Sit down and think about that  for a while. Do we look at how technologically advanced we are. Do we look at the median GDP. Do we look at the amount of food people have to eat?  Or perhaps we need to look at the bottom  1 percent of Americans how see how content they are with their lives. I mean there is all this talk about the elite 1 percent  with the whole occupy Wall street movement. There seems to be a major division between the bottom 99 percent and the elite 1 percent of people. But what it like to belong the bottom 1 percent of Americans? Now I’m not talking only about those driven into l poverty. Many of the poorest people still live productive and fulfilling lives. To be more specific I’m refereeing to the quality of life.
 The truth is that most of us get by, we have a job, we get married, we have children. We all end of living our merry little lives. But what happens when we lose everything. Will anyone be there for us? Will the government take care of us? Is there any hope for those who can’t care for themselves to live a normal life? Sadly the answer is No. There really is no safety net  for us to fall back on. God forbid something happens to you , your family is pretty much your only ally. But what happens when you have no family, or you have a family that has given up with you. What happens when you family is incapable of taking care of you. Let’s say you get into a car crash and survive, you break you back and become paralyzed from you neck down.  Now you have an awesome family, they do everything they can to help you make your life normal. They cook for you they get you out of bed, they dress you. But they have still have their own responsibilities, they have to work, or go to school, They have to do house work. After a while they decide their not capable of caring for you. So what happens  now you may ask, where is the 1800 hotline for help? But theirs no need  to worry you can just  turn yourself over to the hospital. You’ll get a bed, free food, a T.V. What else more do you really need? As a matter of fact you can even pocket  some money from social security benefits right?

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