Monday, July 2, 2012

Sweltering Heat

Last week continued to be a week full of firsts as I had the unbelievable opportunity to not only meet a former U.S. Senator-but it happened to be one I liked. Imagine that! I had arranged several weeks back to meet with him to discuss my thesis. My friends had warned me that busy politicians or even busy former politicians have no time for students and that I shouldn't expect more than 10 minutes of his time. He gave me an hour. 

Not only will this help my thesis, he ended up being a really nice guy and by the end, we were having an intellectual discussion on the raison d'ĂȘtre  for NATO. So. freaking. cool. The following day I headed over to the Hill again and had the opportunity to meet Senator Harkin (whom I've heard so much about through a friend who has interned for him) and got to ASL-it up with him! Also pretty freaking cool. On Thursday, I once again made it back to the Hill to the Russell Building to hear Ambassador Brad Gordon speak on the potential implications of Iran's nuclear 'fun-making'. The organisation even provided an interpreter for me, so that was really nice. 

Last weekend was relatively uneventful aside from Friday night. Went out for a dinner then met a friend at Brookland-CUA where we proceeded to get caught in 80mph torrential downpours. Not as much fun. I had dirt and branches and the streets of D.C. attached to my skin after the winds. All in all, amazing to see Mother Nature in all her glory. But not so fun to hear that my friends don't have power now. 

Today is the start of something new. Heading over to the Department of Transportation for my first day in their Office of Civil Rights Department. Woohoo! Leaving JFNA was quite bittersweet and hadn't expected to become so attached, but alas, a new day awaits.

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