Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th week

Wow.  I cant believe Im at this point.  My security clearance for the Department of Homeland Security has finally come.  Thanks to everyone who helped, I will be starting my job tomorrow.  I am excited and a little nervous.  I will be ready for tomorrow though.  I will make sure when I am done with this post to slow myself down, calmly make sure everything is ready, get up bright and early, and ROCK tomorrow.

Still, I am sorry to be leaving the AAPD office.  It was a great place to work that gave me the opportunity to go to a Senatorial hearing, write for the AAPD’s website blog, read a house committee hearing transcript, and learn about healthcare.  And it was a great place to be when word came that the ACA passed.  Above all, it was a terrific office environment to work in.  The people were nice and incredibly patient, which is someone I know I need (well would REALLY like) in my job.  A big thanks to everyone who gave me a great opportunity and experience.

What to report on aside from that?  Not much.  I had a very relaxing weekend, with the day in which I did the most activity probably being today.  Despite the heat and blackouts, I am proud to say I braved the elements and bought a truckload of food!  I like to think I complete Joseph Cambell’s heroes journey (for those curious, yes I am being extremely over dramatic and have never actually read that book.  Just having some, well, over-the-top fun ;))  I have also been watching some interesting stuff on internet tv.  More great specials from Terry Jones, along with the Animal Planet special Mermaid: the Body Found.  Its….well let me put it this way.    It made me reflect on the dangers of billing that which is fictional as non-fictional too aggressively.  But still tremendously engaging and fun to watch for what it is worth.

Well, see you all next week!      

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