Thursday, June 2, 2011

ah, first week of work :)

The weekend has gone by fast. I met up with an old friend of mine to stroll around the city. We went to th Smithsonian Mall and took a couple of pictures. We went to Chinatown for lunch. I did not realize how small D.C. can seem. It was easy to walk everywhere, although I know this will not be true every day since I know it will be really hot in the summer. George Washington University is a fun place to live. The metro is right there. The Lincoln Memorial is right there. The shopping is right there. On Sunday afternoon, I decided to walk to Dupont circle and read a book. It was a nice feeling, since I am not a big reader but I decided to read. My roommates are easy to get along with. I feel very comfortable here already.

Here is the picture of me holding the Washington Monument: I felt that holding the monument is almost a symbol of opportunity that I, as an individual can overcome many things, as can any disabled member of society. We will not let the obstacles get to us. Sure, we will go through frustrations but I know that one day, we will feel that we are as productive as any other person, and as content.

The first few days of work went well. The people that I work with are very friendly. I definitely look forward to spending the rest of the summer working at USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). You can't imagine the good feeling I had once I got my identification badge- it is really awesome, and I felt honored to work in a federal agency. The building that I work in is really ybig. It looks like a pattern maze. That is all I can say about my work so far. I look forward to next 9 weeks.

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  1. Maya!! I love your picture, and I didn't realize how much symbolism you have behind it. That's beatiful I hope to see more of it!!


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