Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 4 in DC

It has arrived at the fourth week and it's been almost one month since I began my internship at AAPD. It feels like I finally have gotten a grip on what my duties are here and what will be expected of me for the rest of my time in the AAPD office. It weird that in a month I will be leaving AAPD for my long journey across the country to the next stop in my life, Camphill.

DC is a wonderful city and if I could live in any big city this would probably be it. I like the metro system and everyone is usually really nice and helpful. Walking the streets on my lunch break I enjoy the architecture and all the little squares and parks throughout the city. There is so much history here and I feel that every weekend I can discover new things about the city and myself.

This week in the office is particular exciting because there will be a live town hall meeting with Mark Perriello, the new CEO/President. It’s exciting because I helped set it all up. From contacting the company for prices and questions to making sure I was totally knowledgeable on all aspects of the livestream system. When the broadcast goes live I will be the person behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly. This is a great experience and I will take the skills I learned and use then in my future endeavors. This is true for much of what I have learned and done at AAPD. The skills and knowledge I gained I know I will take with me when I venture out to Camphill and beyond. I plan to go onto graduate school after my year of Americorp service. When I go on to continue my education that things I have done at AAPD will still remain with me and I will use the skills to achieve my future employment goals.

I really enjoy everyone who I work with. They are all so nice and welcoming and have made me feel at home since the first day I started. It’s great to work with a diverse group of people. I have never worked in an office before, mostly just out in the community. So this experience is allowing me to witness the inner workings of an office and lets me get so much needed experience. I am excited for what the next month holds for me and sad that the end is approaching so quickly.

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