Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 3

My second week of work here in Washington, D.C. was a blur, mostly due to the arrival of my girlfriend for the week. At work, I had a promising meeting with a hard-of-hearing attorney, John, who was interested in participating in the Disability law work that my commission does. He also recently published a 61 page article that came out in the annual Law Review journal by Valparaiso University. A great chat ensued and he eagerly looks forward to setting up some meetings for me with his fellow deaf lawyer peers as the summer progresses, which has me excited. Networking certainly was emphasized upon during my AAPD Orientation week and now I see it in practice, to be a great tool for learning more about my field and the people in it.

After working the usual 9-6s Monday-Wednesday, I had the rest of the week off as my supervisor wanted to take the time to review the completion of my project and hand over any feedback to the other 3 interns who all could only work Thursdays and Fridays. The first thing I started with to kick off the weekend was the weekly softball game that my company, the American Bar Association, participates in. We played a team from the United States Postal Office, and it was on the lawn directly in front of the Washington Monument with a neat sight of the White House in the distance. Beauty aside, the heat was staggering and now I know how tough it is to play softball in practically what was 101, 102 degrees heat on Wednesday evening. I went 4-for-4, and the team piled on the runs late in the game to pull out our first victory of the summer season. That was exciting!

The rest of the week consisted of going to a lot of tourist spots since it was my girlfriend’s first time visiting Washington, D.C. It was good to have her visit because it was nice to see a familiar face for the first time since I moved out of my college dorm. We did a lot of walking and poor her, her legs are about to fall off and I’m sending her home exhausted ha.

~Colton Jannusch

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