Monday, June 13, 2011

Have I told you (whoever is reading this) how much I love my internship? I was told to write a memo my first week. The topic matter pertained of a legal case. Being a prelaw student I was excited to write a legal memo for the first time. AT the same time I felt really intimidated because there were other interns in my office who were already in law school and I believed they could do a lot better job. Nevertheless, I took on this challenge and devoted my weekend to learning how to write a proper legal memo. I asked fellow AAPD intern who is already in law school to help me out and he did. He invested about 5 hours in total to help get the memo done. I was really pleased in the whole process of being about to have other interns in the program to talk about the assignment with and get feedback on the work. It felt like being in college again and it was a great learning experience.

The following Monday I passed in my memo and I was expecting to get feedback the same day requesting for more detailed memo or something. Instead, I heard nothing back. Then, Friday came along and was asked to having a meeting. In that meeting I heard the feedback about the memo and was assigned another long term assignment. I was so thrilled to get the assignment that I threw my fist in the air as if I was watching the game. I am so excited on the researching assignment that I was given. The topic hits my exact interests and I look forward to giving my all to this project. It makes it really easy to stay at a desk reading and writing all day when you are passionate about the issue.

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